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Ultimate Blend
IT Tips for Success

Drink Plenty of Water...

Water is essential in expelling toxins from your body and should be liberally consumed on a daily basis. We recommend drinking eight (8 oz.) glasses of water a day, or more, especially in the days prior to using Zydot products. This will begin the process of removing toxins from your system and will contribute greatly to the overall detox process.

Don't skip meals...

Skipping meals doesn't help in any way. We recommend eating foods that are high in protein and low in salt. It is best to eat a light meal a couple of hours before starting the detox process. Be sure to allow about 2½ to 3 hours to complete the steps.

Urinate 3 times...

1 hour after drinking Zydot Ultimate Blend you must urinate at least 3 times to remove the toxins from your system. After that you will be toxin free for up to 5 hours.

Give sample sooner than later...

After 4 to 5 hours, the cleansing effects have started to leave your system, so you are usually cleaner in the first half of the 4 to 5 hour cleansing period.

Mid stream...

It is always best to provide your sample mid stream. Never give the first or last.

Be awake for 4 to 5 hours...

For best results drink Ultimate Blend after you have been awake for 4 to 5 hours. Naturally your body goes through its own detox process every night, building up high concentrations of toxins in your bladder and kidneys. That means that your urine is much more toxic when you first wake up. After you have been awake for 2 to 3 hours and have urinated a few times, your body will naturally be cleaner enabling our products to be as effective as possible.

Things to Avoid:

Avoid the following 24 to 48 hours before using Zydot products: Unwanted toxins, alcohol, acidic liquids (vinegar, pickle juice, orange juice, etc.), salty foods, unnecessary or unprescribed medications, large amounts of vitamins and other supplements.

Ultra Clean

Tips for Success

Use only on the day you wish to be clean...

Your scalp naturally produces oils and sweat throughout the day that can naturally re-contaminate your hair. Your hair also comes in contact with many other things that can re-contaminate your hair on a daily basis, such as smoke, smog and other pollutants.

Use a clean comb, towel, etc...

Anything that has come in contact with your hair before using our product can transfer toxins back to your clean hair. Be sure to use a clean towel and a clean or new comb or brush after using Ultra Clean Shampoo. Do not wear any hats or hooded sweatshirts. If you wear glasses, even sunglasses, make sure to clean the earpieces with an alcohol based cleaning solution. Also watch out for the head rests in your car.